About Me

I’m a film and television actor living in New York.

I’m also a swing dancer, basketball player, runner, high tenor, pianist, husband, dad, writer, producer, and a former software engineer and tech entrepreneur, originally from Boston and most recently from LA.

My path to acting has been unconventional, and my background informs my approach. I bring an artist’s vulnerability to my craft, but also an entrepreneur’s passion, commitment, creativity, and professionalism to the work. I understand that each project is a collaboration, a team demanding mutual support and unity, and a business venture with a bottom line.

Directors and producers describe me as “a director’s dream collaborator,” “fun to work with,” “dependable and thorough,” “a storyteller”, and “the kind of actor you always want on set”.  They can rely on my integrity and my commitment to their projects, and my fellow actors can rely on my training, preparation, responsiveness, encouragement, and respect. My work and my on-set reputation have helped me grow a generous list of film credits both in LA and in Boston.

Check out my short reel below and see my previous roles on IMDb here:   

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Victoria Thompson


Theatrical / Commercial Agent

Jennifer Sims

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