JITTERBUG is a character-driven teen and family feature film about teenage friendship and romantic dilemmas combining the coming-of-age character growth of CODA and the exuberant dance energy of SWING KIDS.

15 year-old Izzy, against her protests, is taken by her parents to a swing dance camp in Sweden, where she finds mentors and teen pals who steer her past blunders, inhibitions, and social failure to confidence, meaningful friendships, and a newfound connection to her own Black American heritage all while Lindy Hop and hip-hop dancing in the land of the Midnight Sun, with a touch of summer romance in the air.

With captivating, energetic dance scenes; a fun juxtaposition of hip-hop and effervescent big-band swing music; the lush, cinematic magic of coastal Swedish summers; and the heart-opening possibilities of new friendship and new love, JITTERBUG will be a favorite watch-and-rewatch go-to for teens, tweens, and families.

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