When a trip to a Lindy Hop summer dance camp leads to summer love… 

JITTERBUG is a feature-length film now in development that celebrates Lindy Hop and Hip Hop dancing.  

The coming-of-age honesty and heart of CODA meet the exuberant dance energy of SWING KIDS in a fresh new modern-day story. 

Featuring captivating, energetic dance scenes,

a fun juxtaposition of Hip Hop and big-band swing music,

and the heart-opening possibilities of new friendship and new love,

JITTERBUG will be a favorite for teens and families.

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JITTERBUG was written and is being produced by Phil Berry, an actor, screenwriter, producer, and Lindy Hop swing dancer. Phil is based in New York.


Phil’s first addition to the JITTERBUG film was Chester Whitmore. In addition to his background as an actor and choreographer to the stars, Chester is a living swing dance legend and a regular fixture and faculty member at Lindy Hop events worldwide. Chester is based in Los Angeles.


We are excited to be working with casting directors Donald Paul Pemrick, C.S.A. and Dean Fronk, C.S.A of Pemrick Fronk Casting! With over 50 years of casting experience across the industry, they have cast over 400 movies including ANNIE and THE JUNGLE BOOK and worked with actors from Scarlet Johanssen to Chris Pine. Check out their previous work on their website.

Stay tuned for more team updates soon.


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LEAD, 15-16 Years Old, Female, American Accent
Izzy is confused at why she is struggling socially at school and at her dance camp. With the help of mentors, both young and old, and by connecting in new ways to her Black heritage through dance, Izzy slowly finds her voice and a new confident sense of self. Must have experience with dramatic roles. Must be comfortable with some kissing scenes.

Requirements: Must be an excellent dancer (Lindy Hop and Hip-Hop dance experience preferred).
Ethnicity: Black / African Descent / Bi-Racial
Required Media: Headshot, Dance Clip, Reel


SUPPORTING, 35-45 Year Old, Female, American Accent
Izzy’s mom. Fiercely loving and supporting but inserts herself too much in situations for Izzy’s liking.

Requirements: Name Talent Only
Ethnicity: Black / African Descent
Required Media: Headshot, Reel

Film Director:

We are looking for a DGA director with directorial experience on films with budgets between $2MM USD and $5MM USD. Since JITTERBUG is about a Black American teen girl and heavily features Black voices, it would be preferred to have a director who can relate to the POV and experiences of those characters.

Executive Producers / Investors:

If you are interested in learning about being attached to the film as an Executive Producer, please reach out to us using the form below.

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