Soft Cloud Films is a production company founded in 2019 with the vision of working with both established and up-and-coming creatives including actors, writers, directors, and composers to bring original content we feel passionate about to viewers around the world. With our first film successfully completed, we are now in development on other projects, including JITTERBUG, a coming of age dance film about a Black American teen who finds herself through dance.


Check out our exciting list of theatrical films, series, and commercial projects below.

Film and Episodic

The Tooth Racket

The Tooth Racket

Short Film – 7.5 Min

Available Online!

A tooth fairy from Southie gets more than he bargained for when a little girl’s tooth turns out to be a fake, the girl wakes up, and trouble ensues.


Feature Film – 110 Min


JITTERBUG is a character-driven teen and family feature film about teenage friendship and romantic dilemmas combining the coming-of-age character growth of CODA and the exuberant dance energy of SWING KIDS.

15 year-old Izzy, against her protests, is taken by her parents to a swing dance camp in Sweden, where she finds mentors and teen pals who steer her past blunders, inhibitions, and social failure to confidence, meaningful friendships, and a newfound connection to her own Black American heritage all while Lindy Hop and hip-hop dancing in the land of the Midnight Sun, with a touch of summer romance in the air.

With captivating, energetic dance scenes; a fun juxtaposition of hip-hop and effervescent big-band swing music; the lush, cinematic magic of coastal Swedish summers; and the heart-opening possibilities of new friendship and new love, JITTERBUG will be a favorite watch-and-rewatch go-to for teens, tweens, and families.


Feature Film – 120 Min


It’s 10 years in the future.  Russia has teamed with China and has invaded the US … and they are winning. Their new HELTECH helmets are giving them the advantage.  The US decides to take drastic measures and raise up an army of unexpected heroes to ensure the survival of their democracy.  But did they start their plan soon enough?


In this futuristic Action Adventure Drama we see the effects of weaponizing augmented reality and AI tech that blurs the line between the real world and fantasy.  This will be a summer blockbuster film that will appeal to older teens and adults.



Happy Right Now

Voice Over for Book Trailer

Soft Cloud Films handled casting and direction for the voice-over work on this trailer.  Final editing of the voice work was handled by Sound True, the book publisher.  This was recorded and pre-edited in a two hour block keeping the project on time and within budget.

The Emperor's Ostrich

Animated Book Trailer

Soft Cloud Film owner Phil Berry directed the music and animation for this colorful piece.  Original music was commissioned by Phil.  He then worked with a voice-over artist simultaneously with the composer to create a cohesive music and voice track.  Art direction and assets were delivered by another company.  Upon receipt Phil worked with the animators directing the storytelling using the art assets provided.  In order to bring out the humor and fun feel of this piece, exact timing and well choreographed movements were critical.  The animator was remote so we worked through our editing sessions over video conference to speed up the delivery.

The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place

Animated Book Trailer

Soft Cloud Film owner Phil Berry provided casting and direction for the music and animation on this book trailer with a vintage feel.  Phil worked directly with the voice-over talent and composer in the same space so that natural interactions and spontaneous improvisation were possible.  The vocal track was that combined with animation using art assets commissioned by the author of the book.  Phil worked with the animators directing the storytelling by starting with a framework of story followed by montage.  He then worked side by side with the animator to enhance the humor of the piece using precise timing and well choreographed movements.  You can see some of the process for laying the audio track in the video below.