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Phil is a film and television actor living in Los Angeles with his wife (author Julie Berry) and his four sons.

Phil got his comedic start as The Scarecrow in a 6th grade production of “The Wizard of Oz.” His family and friends were shocked to see shy, quiet Phil dancing, singing, and stumbling (on purpose) all over the stage. Little did they know that show would be the first of many stage performances through high school, college, and later throughout the Boston area.

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The Importance of Being Earnest

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Approaching Normal

Although still having a love for the stage, Phil transitioned from stage to film in 2009. Since that time he has be fortunate to work as an actor on an extensive list of film projects both in Boston and LA.  

Phil brings both a rigorous technical precision and professionalism, and a passionate artistic fervor to each project, earning him highest praise from the directors and producers he’s worked with. He has been fortunate to work with outstanding talent thus far in his career. He moved to Los Angeles in the fall of 2014 to continue his work on quality projects in supporting and leading roles.