Jitterbug – Izzy Casting

Jitterbug – Izzy Casting

NOW CASTING IZZY (Main Character)

This submission page is only for experienced Lindy Hop Dancers who are interested in being considered for the role and are not professional actors with representation. For actors with an agent or manager, please submit through breakdown services. If you have already submitted through breakdown services, do NOT submit again using this form.


LEAD, 15-16 Years Old, Female, American Accent
Izzy is confused at why she is struggling socially at school and at her dance camp. With the help of mentors, both young and old, and by connecting in new ways to her Black heritage through dance, Izzy slowly finds her voice and a new confident sense of self. Must be comfortable with some kissing scenes.

Requirements: Must be an experienced Lindy Hop dancer.
Ethnicity: Black / African Descent / Bi-Racial

SHOOTING DATES: 7/12/24 – 8/16/24 (with two days of shooting in NY in late August)

Audition Submission

This form is for DANCERS ONLY and must be accompanied by a video of a sample of your Lindy Hop dancing abilities. If you are an actor or another type of dancer, you should submit through breakdown services.

Izzy Audition Form
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  • Personal Information

JITTERBUG Izzy Audition Form

Only Lindy Hop dancers available for the shooting dates should apply.
I am available for shooting from July 12th until August 16th, 2024 in Sweden. I am also available for shooting in late August in NY for an additional two days.
Only those available should apply
Where did you hear about us?
I am 18 years or older
Only those available should apply
I have Lindy Hop dance experience.
Only those available should apply

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

We want to get a sense of your partner dancing abilities. Optionally, you may choose to include a small portion of solo jazz. Please do not link to large group or team dancing videos, we want to be able to see you clearly.

Stay tuned for more casting updates soon.

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