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My First Foray Into Directing

Several months ago I was fortunate enough to be asked to direct the animated book trailer for “Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place” by Julie Berry. I knew this would be a fantastic project to collaborate on having worked with Julie in the past on similar successful projects she produced. This was our most ambitious project to date and the results were more than satisfying.

I was excited to be teamed up with Sallay Gardner, Chris Becker and Andrus Madsen, all of whom I had worked with in the past. Sally and Chris provided all the artwork and animation that went into the piece but their contribution didn’t stop there. They also provided fountains of creative ideas helping to make all the pieces including voice, music, and artwork, fit together cohesively. Andrus Madsen came up with an original, musical era appropriate score for the piece that was full of complex improvisation. His musical genius was proved throughout including during the musical conversations he improvised between his harpsichord and voice actress Lindy Nettleton. Lindy provided a powerful and wonderfully fun performance as the trailer’s narrator. Her energy and dynamic voice brought the script alive. Angus Lansing captured all the sound with carefully placed microphones arranged perfectly to capture these unique performances. His final sound design for the trailer was by itself a masterful work of art. It was the organization surrounding the entire collaboration on this piece that made it truly special.

We threw together this quick Making of the Trailer video to give you a glimpse of the collaboration that went into the audio portion of the trailer.

All the pieces came together in a way that I, even with such high hopes, could not have imagined. Take a look for yourself and see if you agree.