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My SAG Awards Film Actor Picks and THR Oscar Roundtables

The awards season is well underway with the Golden Globes already behind us.  Today, the Screen Actors Guild Awards will be presented and I’m eager to hear who my fellow actors have chosen.  This year I decided to share some of my thoughts on the nominees and films.

In the actress categories Arquette and Jones got my votes. Felicity’s entire performance in Theory of Everything was stunning but it was her scene outside the tent that tipped my vote her way. Its the best scene I’ve seen this year. Eddie Redmayne put forth a beautiful nuanced as well as deeply physically technical performance right along side her making them a compelling duo.  I was also impressed with Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler. He owned that character. I wonder if he may end up getting somewhat less recognition because the story and character were possibly a bit outside mainstream appeal.  Although having a lot to offer, Imitation GameWild, and Grand Budapest Hotel fell just a little short of my expectations in this year’s run. As for my votes for the men Foxcatcher had both Carell and Ruffalo as best in my book.  Despite two votes for Foxcatcher, Birdman managed best Ensemble.  In the way of other notables there are several, some of who were not nominated.  I have to tip my hat to Bill Murray who pulled out a surprise dramatic performance in St. Vincent.  Some other great performances: Ethan Hawke (Boyhood), Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl), Kristen Stewart (Still Alice), Melissa McCarthy (St. Vincent), J. K. Simmons (Whiplash), Jennifer Aniston (Cake) and in a very small role that caught my attention Jan Hoag in Wild.

While I’m on the subject of awards and with the Oscars just around the corner; a reminder that THR has pulled together their Oscar roundtables for 2014.  In case you missed them I have provided them below.  I enjoyed the conversation with the women more than the men this year which is a reversal from past years.

You can find past years on my blog here:

See you at #SagAwards!