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Phil Returns to the Stage for Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday

I’m returning to the stage for special premiere performances in my good friend David Nanto’s new Shakespearean compiled play “Much Ado About Love.”

The premiere run of this romantic comedy has only 4 performances, all in early June (6th, 7th, 13th and 14th), so get your tickets early!  It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate Shakespeare’s 450th birthday.


How to Get Tickets

You can get your tickets by visiting the Much Ado About Love Official Website.


About the Show and My Character

This unique script was compiled entirely from Shakespearian verse.  Set in the 60s and pulling from over 20 of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets in addition to two original music scores, this fresh look at Shakespeare will delight audiences.

I’m honored to be working work with David Nanto, writer/director of the show, on this debut run.  This will likely be my last stage performance in the Boston area for some time so I would love to see all you Bostonians (and Boston area visitors) there!

Take a look at these short videos where I talk about the nature of the script and about my character, Luke, and his love interest.

First the interview about my character, Luke:

Here is my segment about the Shakespearean nature of the script:

Here is the link to the video above in its entirety:

As you can see from these videos, this is a rare opportunity to see a compelling new concept show on its first run.  I can’t wait to share it with those that can make it to the performance.  See you there!


The Cast

This show features an impressive ensemble cast of six performers.


Top: Lindsy Warwick, Phil Berry, and Karen Bingham

Bottom: Adam Snodgrass, Alissa Mott, and Julian Willard


Character Descriptions:

Luke (Phil Berry): He is handsome and good natured. He has high energy and enthusiasm. Most of all, he is idealistic.

Peter (Adam Snodgrass): He is the natural leader of the three friends Even though he is handsome, he is not conceited or self-centered. He is a serious about his idea to give up women and focus on his studies.

Derek (Julian Willard): He is funny and endearing, but also somewhat awkward. He uses humor as a way to entertain his friends. He is girl crazy, but most women think of him as a “friend”.

Emma (Lindsy Warwick): She is attractive, idealistic, and says exactly what she thinks. She can be dramatic. She is a romantic at heart. She wants to find love.

Katherine (Alissa Mott): She is attractive and intelligent. Her grief stemming from the death of her father and brother is frequently just below the surface. She is focused on working through her grief, not on finding love.

Olivia (Karen Bingham): The owner of the hotel, and in her own way, she is lovely.  She is funny and outgoing.  She is confident in how she runs her hotel but not in her personal relationships. She is someone that men have always thought of as a “friend”.


News and Links

Here is a write-up about the show in the Acton Beacon:  Play celebrates Bard’s birthday

The official website:

Theatre III website (venue for the show):


Other Media

Here are some other vlogs about the show.

Physical Comedy:

Learning the Song “Sigh No More”: