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Mommy Grew Wings – First Stage Principal Photography Completed

The first stage of principal photography has completed for Miller Pipkin’s ambitious film project “Mommy Grew Wings”. I played the lead role of Daniel along side Isabel Irag as Kate and Paige Clark as Daniel’s wife Alison.

“Mommy Grew Wings” is the story of a father searching for the right way to explain to his young daughter the loss of her mother, his wife, to illness. The delicate but powerful writing shows how important the role of stories is in our ability to cope with loss.

I’m excited not only by the realism of the writing and interactions between father and daughter but also by how that realism will be juxtaposed against a fantasy the two imagine together as they explore the topic of death and departure that faces them both.

Production Info

“Mommy Grew Wings” follows a young puppeteer, struggling with the recent death of his wife, and the imaginative story he tells to preserve their daughter’s innocence.

Director – Miller Pipkin
Producer – Christiaan Tayhar
Producer – Emily Hofelich
Dir. of Photography – John Cico

Daniel – Phil Berry (Photo Right)
Kate – Isabel Lirag (Photo Middle)
Allison – Paige Clark (Photo Left)
Meghan – Chanelle Lansley
Teresa (Kate Alternate) – Theresa Nguyen