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Mommy Grew Wings – Watch sneak footage on the Kickstarter campaign.

Director Miller Pipkin launched a Kickstarter campaign to gather some additional funding for his innovative film “Mommy Grew Wings”. You can see the video describing the project and funding needs interspersed with a sneak peek of some footage and behind the scenes content from the film here:

Production Info

“Mommy Grew Wings” follows a young puppeteer, struggling with the recent death of his wife, and the imaginative story he tells to preserve their daughter’s innocence.

Director – Miller Pipkin
Producer – Christiaan Tayhar
Producer – Emily Hofelich
Dir. of Photography – John Cico

Daniel – Phil Berry (Photo Right)
Kate – Isabel Lirag (Photo Middle)
Allison – Paige Clark (Photo Left)
Meghan – Chanelle Lansley
Teresa (Kate Alternate) – Theresa Nguyen