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Soft Cloud Films Seeks Female Director

I’m excited to announce that after acting in so many films produced by super talented people, I’m producing my first film!  I have a started a new production company called Soft Cloud Films.  My first project will be a short film and will be the first of several dark comedy projects I will be producing this year.

The short is a dark comedy approximately 3 minutes in length. I’m currently looking for an LA based female director to work on this project. The director should ideally have experience casting and working with talented child actors age 6-12. The casting will consist of one adult male (played by me), one female child actor age 6-12, and one sleeping child actor (any age). The film will be shot in two locations, but they are bedrooms so could be in the same physical location. We will work together to determine the appropriate crew for the film. If the director has a crew they already prefer to work with they would be strongly considered. I’m looking to produce a high quality, big studio feeling product and am looking for a director that can generate the raw footage that will make that possible in post production.

Please send your resume and links to your work to