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Q&A with Netflix’s Selena: The Series Star Madison Taylor Baez

From the first draft to the big screen, the film THE TOOTH RACKET has had an eventful year including showing at film festivals like Rock the Shorts in Los Angeles this past weekend. It had been several months since the film wrapped and it was great to reunite our cast and crew again, including our director Karisa Bruin and my co-star, the adorable and uber talented Madison Taylor Baez (from Netflix’s Selena: The Series). I’ve had so much fun watching Madison’s career take off since we first met. After her acting debut in THE TOOTH RACKET, Madison was cast as young Selena Quintanilla in the Netflix series, Selena: The Series, coming later this year. My team caught up with Madison, after our reunion, to talk about her accomplishments and her growing acting career.
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You’ve given impressive performances of the National Anthem for many Los Angeles sports teams including the Dodgers, Rams, Galaxy, and Kings.  How did you discover your love for music?

Madison: I was singing before I could speak. My father introduced me to music. When I was 3, I began teaching myself to play piano and would go into my Dad’s iTunes. I’d sing and listen to Motown and music from the 70’s and 80’s and I haven’t stopped singing since. Also, my dad was diagnosed with cancer when I was 3 so I knew singing would help him. I sang to him to help him beat his cancer. He says my singing saved his life. 

Madison has appeared on ABC’s Kids Say the Darndest Things, the Fox 11 Good Day LA Morning Show, the NBC4 California Live Show, CBS2 News This Morning, and many more.

You’ve sung for large crowds, so performing is not at all new to you. But THE TOOTH RACKET  was your first project as an actress, correct? 

Madison: It was my first film project I had done. Before that, I did 11 national commercials and appeared in two music videos.

THE TOOTH RACKET is a dark comedy about a mobster tooth fairy and the clever young girl who outsmarts him.

Madison with Phil Berry

Tell us about how it felt when you heard that you got the role and what it was like working on your very first film.

My dad told me I got the role and I was super excited. I had come very close to landing lead roles in other films so I was just very happy to break into the film industry with THE TOOTH RACKET. The role was totally me and the script was so fun!

Madison Taylor Baez shines as the tooth fairy’s trickster nemesis.

You co-star opposite Phil Berry in the film.  What was it like working with Phil?

Madison: Phil is a true professional that made it very easy for me to work with him and be on set. And his wife is an amazing cook.

After working on THE TOOTH RACKET you were cast as young Selena Quintanilla in Netflix’s project SELENA: THE SERIES which releases this year. Portraying real people from history can be challenging for actors. What preparation did you do to get ready to play young Selena?

Madison: Well I researched Selena both as an adult and when she was my age and her story. I watched all her music videos on YouTube and learned to sing in Spanish. I also learned how to do a Texas accent.

Christian Serratos (Selena) and Madison (young Selena)

How was working on a TV series like SELENA: THE SERIES different from working on a film project like THE TOOTH RACKET?

Madison: The Tooth Racket was shot in one day with not too much dialogue to learn and one location. I shot Selena over an 8 week period in Mexico and had to learn songs in Spanish and English. I had early mornings, late call times, and worked with many more cast members at different locations.

THE TOOTH RACKET film shows how we sometimes underestimate children and what they can plan, scheme, and accomplish.  You clearly have set your mind to accomplish big things and are working hard to make them happen.  What advice do you have for other young girls who want to do big things in their lives?

Madison: Be confident, practice, always prepare, believe in yourself and surround yourself with positive people. Never give up especially when things get tough.

To learn more about THE TOOTH RACKET, and to watch Madison in her first film role visit the official THE TOOTH RACKET page. 

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